Heaven, Hearts, Home | ISCF CAMP 2017

Reflections on ISCF Camp 2017


There really is nothing like being home again – sleeping in the stillness of your own room and your own bed. Funny, because the topic for NSGB ISCF camp was “Heaven – the Home for our Hearts”. And yes, whilst I didn’t get a whole lot of good sleep during camp this year, camp was a reminder of where our home and hearts should truly lie. It was my fifth ISCF camp, going back for the second time as an ex-leader now, and still, it never ceases to warm my heart and stir my spirit. ISCF has always had a special place in my heart – yet somehow, being back this year was especially heart-warming. Coming to camp as a weary uni-student, I was shocked, absolutely astounded, and refreshed by how God so faithfully works.

One of the most encouraging things I witnessed was seeing my little brothers and sisters who I led in year 7 and 8 grow up – and oh how they’ve changed, grown and matured! It makes me so, so happy. I remember how the little rascals I led in year 7 scripture which would make me lose my voice every Tuesday afternoon, as I tried to contain them from running around the room to no avail. I remember the tiny kids who came to ISCF because their friends did and because it was the cool thing to do, and then shyly huddle in their little group during the bible study. And I remember getting little year 8 Geoffrey to do the bible reading every Friday lunch because it was so cute and entertaining HAHAHA.

But man… now I see them eagerly questioning and seeking God with all their hearts and minds. Now I see them thirsting for life-giving gospel truth. Now I see them bring their friends along because they really want them to know Jesus. Now, I even see some of my little brothers and sisters lead from the front. I am so moved, and I am so proud :’) But in actual fact, it is a testament to how God works so faithfully time after time. It has been several years since I’ve left high school, and yet God is still working in the hearts of ISCF, still growing his people, still leading his flock, still maturing the saints, still bringing his glorious and good kingdom. Coming back and seeing these guys in the flesh… it brings me so much joy to see how they’ve grown, and I really am excited to see how God will continue to work in them.  There is something so genuine and so beautiful about the way God’s word has changed these guys’ lives.

Another really awesome thing which warmed my heart was seeing all the ex-leaders again. These guys were my family back in high school, and now, I don’t really get to see them much at all. But being back together with them over this weekend, and more than that, serving together and building God’s kingdom – man, it’s a feeling that’s difficult to describe with words. It was almost like old times in high school, yes, but now there’s also the knowledge that we have all grown and matured since. There is just so much joy in the kingdom of God, an unquenchable blood-bought unity, knowing that we are working for something that will never fade nor perish. I loved how we could pray together and look out for one another as we went about the task of growing God’s kingdom here at ISCF camp.

Camp this year was also a humbling lesson in learning to rely on God. I won’t lie, or be subtle about it, but camp certainly was one of the most exhausting things I’ve done. Surviving the first day on three hours of very low quality sleep was a challenge (I’m blaming year 11 boiz HAHA). I think at times, I was bummed out that I couldn’t have as many conversations or catch up with as many kids as I wanted – I was just feeling sluggish and low-energy, and wasn’t able to do as much as I would have liked. At times, I looked at some of the other ex-leaders during free time and saw how hard they were working, and I remember thinking ‘dang I wish I could be as helpful and servant-hearted as these guys’. But it was indeed a humbling and reassuring reminder that the task of growing God’s kingdom wasn’t on my shoulders. God has this in His hands. And we can carry one another’s burdens as the body of Christ. I needed to remember that it was OK to not be able to do everything I wanted, and it was OK to receive God’s grace of rest. God is faithful, and He continues to grow his people regardless. 😊

ISCF camps were always a highlight back in my high school days, and hey, I think nothing has changed. I know I’ve said this ten million times, but again, it’s just such a powerful testament to how God is working faithfully in His children. Camp is a little glimpse into heaven. We long for heaven; for the eternal and good rule of God to be established. Yet, at the same time, heaven begins now. In the way we are transformed by the spirit, and in the way we live our lives centred around God – heaven is breaking into earth this very moment.


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