Wow… it’s 2015 already.

For a while, I’ve been wanting to write something down. But up until this point, a grand total of 0 words have been written. I guess this reflects my feelings towards blogging… perhaps it’s the awkwardness in being so open and letting others into my thoughts… or perhaps it’s just the plain inability to put things into words. Even now, this is being written on an offline notepad; whether I ever post it online and make it open, I don’t know. But recently, I’ve been thinking; perhaps there is some ‘value’ in being open, in a sense, being vulnerable. It feels weird.. even stupid.. to vomit out all these thoughts for people to read (if people ever do actually read this), but maybe.. just maybe it might encourage another person who stumbles upon this.. or even just for myself to look back upon and see “ah that’s who I was back in 2015”. But here we are, and I’m writing this down. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but eh, only time will tell. I guess the new years is a good time to start afresh!

Speaking of the new year, it’s the year “2015”. I guess to many, 2015 is just the number after 2014, yep, whatever. But to me (and by extension, my entire grade), 2015 is the number that is on the name of our grade facebook page – ‘NSB 2015’ . For several years, we’ve seen this name ‘NSB 2015’, but never did we think that the year 2015 would actually be upon us. It’s finally here. Yes – the first thing that pops into mind when I see those four plain numbers 2 0 1 5:

HSC year.

(whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat D;) More about that later…

I guess another thing which I don’t usually think highly of is the whole conundrum of ‘new years resolutions’. I mean, people make “goals” which they end up doing for maybe a month or two, before sinking back into their old ways again. From what I’ve read, most new years resolutions don’t last at all. Useless. Silly. And this is why I’ve always written it off. BUT, I’ve been thinking, and perhaps maybe there is something to it. I guess, new years is a good time to reflect upon the previous year, get rid of bad habits, and put into play some good habits (I talk a lot about habits… quite a significant concept in the way I do things, eh I’ll post something up about that some other time). Considering that this year is HSC year, more than any point in my life so far, I want to make things as smooth sailing as possible (which, inevitably, will not be true. But one can try haha). Anyway, I’ve thought about what I wanted to change this coming year, and wanted to write some of them down.

In general,

1. To make better sleeping habits. I’ve come to see the importance of sleep; it’s the backbone of being able to do stuff during the day haha. So I guess, in order to make other things work, I’ll need to sleep well first. So I guess that means waking at the same time each day (to match my trains in the morning, that’s 6:20), and sleeping at a time that gives me a decent amount of sleep (say within the 10-10:30 range each day). I think this would be a hugely useful habit to have.

2. Talk less, listen more. I tend to talk alot sometimes. It makes me feel self conscious afterwards for some reason 😦 I guess, become a better listener.. that’s important.

Here are two for my Christian walk. I guess it is the most important part of my life… everything revolves around this in a sense, ‘since your view of the future determines how you live in the present’ (will write more about this one some time later!). Living life in light of what Jesus has done, and glorifying God should be in everything I do, whether it’s in ISCF, or in my hsc studies, or in interacting with people around me; everything I do should be in light of this literally life-changing message. If you’re a non-Christian reading this, it might be a bit radical/weird/whattheheck. Come and talk to me about it 🙂 or maybe I’ll write about it some other day. But eh, it’s something I sometimes feel self-conscious/awkward talking about to my non-Christian friends, and yep, right now as I’m writing this. But either way, I’ve thought about two main things I really want to do more of this year, in my last year of high school:

3. Discipleship – There’s so much that I want to say about this haha… but I’ll keep it brief. Discipleship is to walk with another person, helping them to grow in Christ. Then they can go on and help other people grow 🙂 I guess there is an emphasis on the personal relationship you have with that other person. I want to hopefully become close with my mentoring kids (those crazy year 10s… ohwait they’re in year 11 now. growing up!) or I guess, anyone else, and do the Christian walk together with them.

4. As a Christian, most of my friends are not Christians. Well yeah… I guess every one is entitled to believe what they want to believe… but hearing such an amazing message to not share it with the people I’m closest with? It feels wrong, unloving even. Sometimes I try to ignore it. Sometimes, I get complacent – “they’ll be aight”, or even procrastinate – “I’ll tell them later”. I really want to devote more time to hearing out my non-Christian friends, and seeing what they think, and sharing with them the most important thing in my life 🙂 (I’d give this a label of ‘evange’)

I guess I’ll add one more, and this one is about, of course, HSC.

5. Since 2015 is HSC year – work hard, work consistently, but don’t take my eyes off the big picture. HSC isn’t life. You can only do so much. Stressing about it won’t change anything. Just do what’s in front of you, accept what happens, and be comforted in the fact that all of this is in the hands of the one who shaped the universe!

There’s lots more I want to add to this list, but let’s keep it at 5 shall we? Haha – don’t want to create too many, otherwise they’d lose their meaning methinks. 2015 will be a fun year no doubt; excited for what’s ahead. Starting to appreciate how great high school is… will definitely miss it when it’s over. My prayer is that this year will be a year of growth; that through whatever happens this year, we’ll view life more and more in perspective, and that we continue to encourage and look out for one another.

Wow… this is turned out to be quite a long post (sorry!). But there we have it. My first blog post; thoughts laid out bare and naked. Probably messy and uninteresting. Eh. Hopefully, as I get more used to this, we can talk about all sorts of stuff. What this will become, I don’t know. Only time will tell. So let’s just look forward to a great year shall we?

“Let’s make 2015 ours.”

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